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*All our brands pay a living wage to their garment workers in their manufacturing facilities. Along with five other ethical production requirements.

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The focus of Onyou is to remind consumers where their clothing comes from, and to show them there are options outside fast fashion supply chains.

Your questions answered

Onyou is a new ethical fashion shopping platform, where we connect you with the world's best ethical brands.

Our governance rules are incredibly important. For a brand to be on the platform, they must walk the walk - ethically speaking. Check out our standards below ↓

We are so proud of our brand partners, we display their production practices and facilities below every one of their products.

Through our impact profiles, you can quickly learn about the garment workers, the factory, where it was made, and so on. It's kind of like looking at the ingredients list on the back of a food product.

The transition to a better, more ethical fashion industry is failing. With every brand under the sun saying they are 'ethical' or 'responsible, it's hard to distinguish whether an ethical claim is genuine or just marketing fluff.

Consequently, over 80% of shoppers don't trust ethical claims.

We were one of those shoppers. We were tired of being directed to "sustainable marketplaces" that would stock brands that were "environmentally-friendly", "eco-friendly" or "socially-responsible".

We were tired of trying to understand these vague, often unexplained terms. We found ourselves constantly wanting more clarification and information.

We were tired of ethical rating systems that would give brands a high rating, even though there was no indication that the brand paid their garment workers a living wage. 

We were tired of seeing brands misuse certifications to label themselves as 'sustainable' or 'ethical', when it only applies to one factory within the supply chain.

In order for "ethical" to have real meaning, brands need to walk the walk.

Enter the Onyou Labour Standards. The strongest social standard found in an online marketplace.

All brands needs to abide by six of our values in their tier 1 or manufacturing facilities:
1. Payment of the living wage
2. No child labour
3. Reasonable hours of work
4. Non-discriminatory
5. Free to unionise
6. Safe working environments

We verify a brand's ethical claims by aggregating their supply chain data from independent data sources to find out everything from factory names, locations, certifications to unionisation programs.

We are firm believers in transparency, so we also present this information through our data-driven impact profiles that are found below every product page.

Yes! If a certification is used, you can even sense check the physical certificate.

Although we review evidence and data, we are not a certification body.

If a brand is approved, we then display the third party verification and certifications that were used to confirm their ethical claims.

Our main mission is to protect our shoppers from greenwash, and give them certainty that a brand is indeed ethical.

There are too many data points to aggregate to build an authentic picture of a product's environmental impact.

We believe the best thing you can do is be more thoughtful about a purchase, and wear the clothes you already have.

Ultimately this is what will lower the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

And when you do purchase something, consider who it is you're supporting.

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