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Picture your
favourite t-shirt.

Think about all the memories its acquired over the years. Think about its colour. Its shape. Its fabric.

Now, picture
its social impact.

Think of all the factors that went into making it. Who made it? What were their working conditions like? Was it made by a child? Harder to do, right?

Enter Onyou.
Hundreds of brands
The world's most ethical brands all in one place.
Onyou is an ethical fashion marketplace dedicated to raising the standards of the global fashion industry.

With a focus on garment worker welfare, we scan hundreds of online brands and retailers to find the special few that are looking after and prioritising their garment workers.
How it works

Finding a brand that looks after its workers is as simple as using Onyou.

How Onyou works

Onyou only features brands that pay their workers living wage and have high levels of transparency regarding their manufacturing factories and facilities. 

Find great brands

Finding a brand that looks after its workers is as simple as using Onyou. Want to be an Onyou seller? Click here.

Find great products

From the specific to the discovered, our search tools help you find products that fit your style, budget and values.

Shop securely

We provide the technology behind the Onyou marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange. Maintaining those connections is our main priority.

Buying from an unknown brand can feel risky.

Fashion has a misinformation problem. Environmental and social initiatives are seemingly becoming less of an actual goal and more of a marketing strategy for brands.
Consumers are left to grapple with major moral questions: Are the products they’re buying actually ethical? Or are they just painted that way?
Brand Verification

Fact Check Your Clothes

We believe that you shouldn’t have to take a company’s word for it when they say they’re ethical. We have built an interactive experience that allows Onyou shoppers to look under the hood of a brand's production practices. Importantly, the evidence that backs up an ethical production claim is also available to be sense checked by shoppers.
User feedback

Sharing the love

From feedback on our prototypes, to messages of support, you inspire us to do our best work every day.
Ellen H
"Honestly i love this, I think it’ll help a lot of small businesses and educating people. I've been looking for a service like this for so long, and I'm really excited to see a company finally taking a pro-active approach to finding ethical alternatives for popular products."
Devon G
"It's nice to have a place where you can shop from brands that pay the living wage and look after their garment workers. Take it from me, I did my homework on all of them. It's an easy way to be an ethical shopper."
Sarah W
"Wow. I will definitely show this to a friend or two. This is such a good way to give people better access to ethical consumerism :)"
Anna B
"I'm so excited to use Onyou to find ethical alternatives to the clothes that I'd usually purchase from the high street. Right now actually I'm trying to find an ethical alternative to my favourite blazer and I'm having a hard time."
Tatyana A
"It's so important for people to know how companies are treating their workers. And also, it's good for the companies too! The more transparent they are with their consumers, the better it will be for them in the long run."
Mel H
"The last time this problem happened to me was just now. I don’t shop for clothes that often but I decided to do so today. I didn’t want to support any fast fashion brands but I found it pretty hard to find anything other than that."

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"Why, as an online shopper and being reasonably tech-savvy, do I have to trawl through the internet to find a product that doesn’t harm the planet or people? We’ve completely been disconnected from the reality of production."

Lucy Pink
Onyou Founder